• Exhibition dedicated to Fyodor Zakharov

    If you are going to the  Crimea before the 9th of August, be sure to plan a trip to Simferopol to visit the House of Artists on Karl Marx street 13/16. There is now a personal exhibition of Fyodor Zakharov’s works. Do not worry if you do not get on it next week — in the Simferopol art Museum it will open again in September, and in November — in the Tretyakov gallery.Read More

  • Yoga Retreat in the Crimea, Russia

    The first time I did yoga was about two years ago. At that time I managed to attend not more than 12 classes (2-3 per week) and decided that yoga is not for me. In January 2018, with the opening of a new fitness club near my home, I went there and tried yoga again. Started with one or two times a week, I came up to the need of daily classes, and now more than one hour a day.

    And so, from 12 to 22 July, together with the teacher Olya Pervukhina from this fitness club, I went to my first yoga retreat — to the Crimea, to Cape Fiolent.

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