Photo: Elena Sharapova

Anastasia Parfeneva is international festival programmer, translator, project manager in the field of art and the author of this blog

ARTANA is, first of all, the way to be closer to the sphere of art and culture that Human being needs when living in the harsh Russian North conditions. In 2015, the first article on this blog came alive, a lot has changed since then. I created a website dedicated to Ivan Arkhipov, the artist from Arkhangelsk, worked a couple of years for Arctic Art Forum, attended closed art events, opening of art exhibitions and theatre performances, met Princess Royal Anne  and extraordinary young (and not only) artists, writers and directors.

This blog is a huge part of me and my life. Wherever my life leads me, I will do all possible to continue blogging on this platform.

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Is blog your main job?

No. Besides that I work at the Arkhangelsk Youth theater on the international festivals “European Spring” and the ISTF. From time to time I do translations and projects as part of my work at the Arctic Art Institute.

How many foreign languages do you know?

My mother tongue is Russian. I speak fluently English. My French is B1-B2 level.

At the moment I’m trying to learn Turkish.

What education do you have?

BA on teaching foreign languages.

Unfinished MA on French philology.

Supplementary education on translation.

How long have you been writing for the blog?

Well, I began blogging in 2010 or earlier. But in 2015 I opened ARTANA.

Are you an art historian?

Currently, I’m studying the theory and history of contemporary art at the high school called “Sreda obuchenia”. 2021 is my graduation year!

What are your hobbies besides art?

Art is my life, and sometimes I need to take a break from it. I read fiction books, study different techniques of personal time management, practice yoga every day, take care of home plants.