Photo: Elena Sharapova

Hi! I’m Anastasia Parfeneva

I started this blog in 2010 as a closed blog for my self-development and growing self-confidence. In 2015 it turned into PARFESHA as an open space to the Internet community. It was a blog about culture, healthy lifestyle and self-education. Throughout the development of this project I was accompanied by an huge interest in the art and creativity of the artist. The turning point in the topic of the blog was the start of working with Arctic Art Institute, a project bureau in the North of Russia. Then I realized that art is everything for me and I can work with it all my life.

So, from the beginning of 2018 the blog is named ARTANA. It is a bilingual platform where I share my opinion on the mysterious and obscure world of art. I like to do art researches on the meaning and the history of art objects, to reveal the essence of styles and movements in art, to discover new and little-known artists.

I also include theater, cinema and literature to art, although some specialists in art morphology may disagree with me in this classification. Speaking globally, I adhere to the theory of the aesthetics of everyday life — everything that surrounds us is art: a pen, a chair, a window and a laptop.

In this blog I am speaking about the things in which I am interested at the moment: it can be the history and art of the Russian North and Russia in general. Also, I am talking about the Scandinavian countries and France as soon as we have a lot in common and too many shared historical events.

LET’S discover complicated world of ART TOGETHER!

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