5 top mobile apps to learn art history

It is difficult to remember the names of artists and their works, but it is even more difficult to learn them in traditional ways. Modern technologies come to the rescue. There are a dozen mobile applications aimed at studying the history of art, but the question arises: which applications are worthy of our attention? In this article, I have selected the top 5 free apps for remembering the names of artists, the titles of paintings and the style they belong to.

Links to apps are mentioned in Google Play. Please check access to apps for other mobile operating systems yourself.


Author’s development of tests by E. P. Chumachenko specifically for students of 3-4 courses in art history. These tests include more than 150 paintings by Russian artists of the XVIII and XIX centuries, Impressionists, The Wanderers, Western European artists of the Renaissance, XVIII, XIX, and XX centuries. You can guess the author of the picture by the proposed reproductions, guess the name of the picture from the number of suggested options.

guess the artist

The app does not require an Internet connection, the game contains 1000 paintings, 124 artists of various styles and eras. You can select the test mode for knowledge of works created “before” or “after” the XIX century.

guess the artist, version 2

Here you will only have to guess the name of the famous picture and the name of the author. If you are not an expert in painting, you can improve your knowledge in the Museum mode. To complete the game, you need to pass all the levels, which will increase in complexity.

guess the artist, version 3

There are almost 400 paintings from 80 Russian and European artists of the XIII-XX centuries available, with the offer of answer options ranging from 3 to 5, and the round contains from 10 to 50 works. There are functions for selecting artists by nationality and selecting paintings by genre and year of writing.

Art Quiz 

Each category is divided into levels, with 15 questions and multiple-choice answers. All the quiz questions are accompanied by an interesting fact about the artist and his work, as well as the author’s years of life and his portrait.

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