Gifts ideas for an art lover

The New Year’s Eve and Christmass are coming, there is a question: What gifts to choose for your family, friends and colleagues. What to give to the person who is fond of or who works in the field of art? This list is suitable for both the New Year and any other occasion, and the cost is completely different.

Ticket or loyalty card to the Museum, gallery

The ticket can be either to a local Museum for a new exhibition project or an event, or to projects of foreign museums. For example, at the Biennale or the over-expected exhibition of the year. In both cases, you can organize a joint visit or trip.

Loyalty cards, or friendly cards of the Museum, exist in Pushkin Museum, Garage, MOMA, Jewish Museum and other museums. They provide access to a variety of closed events and spaces, free and stowaway access to the exhibition, visiting creative meetings, etc. – each Museum provides different conditions.

The book “History of art since 1900”

The acclaimed edition from “Ad Marginem” publishing of the outgoing 2019. A kind of Bible of the history of art of the last century. They say, if you read it, you don’t have to study or read anything else about XX century. However, I note that its price is quite high: about five thousand rubles per book (about $80).

Any other book published by Ad Marginem

Publishing house “Ad Marginem” is well known in art circles by publications on the theory of art of the twentieth century and contemporary art in cooperation with the Museum of contemporary art “Garage”. Even the most sophisticated art lover will like something. Even a child. However, I recommend that you first make sure what books a person has before buying or ordering them. Ideally, you should ask in advance what this person needs.

Materials for artists

Consumables are always needed (it’s not always paint and brushes!). Sometimes the artist needs to update the easel or other rather expensive items. Take care of your friend and make it easier having discussed his needs in advance.

Educational program

Everyone has something and where to learn — the cost of this gift depends on the format. You can pay for a workshop on painting a landscape with a local artist, for example, or you can pay for a semester of bachelor’s degree.

A souvenir from favorite Museum

If you managed to visit favorite Museum or Gallery of your friend or you’re planning to visit it in the coming year, bring some memorable souvenir: a postcard, a book, an eco-bag, a ticket, a reproduction. But certainly not a magnet or keychain (unless the person asks, ha!).

meeting with a star

Many artists live in big cities. You can arrange a real festive day for a person inspired by the work/career of a certain curator, artist or other artist — arrange a meeting with this “idol”. It can even be a local famous artist or Museum Director, or a favorite guide, not necessarily a star of Russian or international scale.


For all mobile operating systems, a dozen mobile applications have been developed in which you can learn the latest news, “walk around the Museum” or study art. Some of them are initially not free, and for some payment is required to open additional functions.

Magazine subscription

Art magazines are expensive. Especially their physical copies. Especially foreign ones that are bought abroad or ordered with delivery thats is more expensive than the magazine itself. Some magazines send monthly or weekly email newsletters for free or for a fee. Pay for a semi-annual or annual subscription, first specifying the name of the desired magazine and what the person wants to get: newsletter, electronic or physical version of it.

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