Ribs in Ribs

I boldly announce that the anniversary Street Theatre Festival is open! Opened in a chamber, but loudly with the performance “Ribs in Ribs”.

The whole day there was a cloudy weather, but nobody could foretell such a rainy storm, squally wind and a terrible thunderstorm just after the performance. How fortunate for half an hour, nature took pity on us! Still, about a third of the performance had to be carried out in the rain, which was increasing every minute. The performance, however, took place fully!

Who are these men?

Pavel Semchenko (in blue) is an artist, a director, an actor with two Golden Masks in his pocket; familiar to Arkhangelsk spectator by the performances of the Youth Theater: “Ways of Cain”, “The Death of Norvegov”.

Vladimir Volkov (in black) is a composer, a producer, a virtuoso double bass player; participated in the quartet of Igor Butman, the group of Andrei Kondakov “Interjazz”.

Vladimir Varnavas (with a naked torso) is a dancer, a choreographer, a winner of two Golden Masks; he had an internship with Carolyn Carlson, works in Russia and abroad.


In sarcastic styling and mesmerizing music… they are cooking meat. Marinade and good cooking are guaranteed.

This performance could be interpreted differently: a joke, a hint or a direct message on the events taking place, a metaphor or a preface to something. For myself, I noted a high level of excellent humor, a metaphor for current environmental and megalopolis difficulties, a preparatory preface to the show of the ruthless film “Paris Vendre”, which traditionally comes in conjunction with performance.

Describing the film “Paris Vendre”, filmed by Mikhail Shemyakin in the 70s and edited by Pavel Semchenko, is not in my plans today — it gives goose bumps all over my body nd shakes my impressionable soul to the base of all the bones and cartilage. For the curious, I’ll say: the footage of the Parisian insight, that is, the slaughterhouses, the depressions of the deserts and the meat of pigs, cows and other animals were filmed.

Incredibly wild and catchy event that occurred on a Friday rainy day. Those who dared and decided to come in such weather are heroes, “VVS” are threefold heroes.

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