Саша Коджо

Kodjo is a young calligrapher who started his activity in 2013. On his account, a lot of orders, including a Moscow beauty salon, and even a whole personal exhibition in Arkhangelsk. Ahead of him is waiting for a lot of interesting, because he is one of four representatives of the international project Calligraffiti Ambassadors in Russia.

Sasha writes gothic, one of the most popular types of calligraphy, which was born in the Middle Ages. Virtually all the “Great Calligraphers” begin with Gothic. For Sasha it’s not just gothic, but a separate world. In his works he often uses quotes from George Orwell’s 1984 or words from his favorite songs. Everything that surrounds Kojo, is reflected in his paintings. One and the same word can be written in different ways: italic with gentle and smooth lines or gothic. At the master class, not everyone could even read the word flower (flower) in Gothic. All because we do not associate flowers with something heavy, dark and straightforward.

In modern calligraphy, the emphasis is not on what is depicted in the picture, but in the emotions and feelings of the author. The artist, doing the work, puts a part of himself. This piece is also appreciated in the works. The sincerity of artists is appreciated


Now Sasha lives in St. Petersburg, but often comes home to his parents. He knows that we have few interesting events. Therefore, the main idea was to create an exhibition, and only later – to conduct a workshop, a master class and “skills”, making some contribution to the development of our city. Indeed, people could not only look at the beautiful works, but also get some knowledge from Sasha himself and other advanced calligraphers.

To bring the exhibition to Arkhangelsk is a symbolism for me. I wanted to make my debut in the city where I was born. This is just the beginning. Perhaps in the spring there will be another exhibition in St. Petersburg. In April, I definitely go to Munich, and in May – to Paris. I am very excited, did not even understand all this

The whole organization of the exhibition and events he was engaged himself for two weeks, and on a completely non-commercial basis! To invest all of yourself and see what kind of return will be worth it. It is very important for him that people like the exhibition. He sees it in the brilliance in their eyes. Even during our interview, people approached him and praised him.

The exhibition was prepared by Sasha himself at night: so no one bothers and thinks easier. As it turned out, the most difficult thing was to make the stretchers, the production of which Sasha left on the last day. For each painting, it was necessary to connect the four slats, and then pull the canvas and attach it with a stapler. As a result, it took more than a thousand braces!

At the opening, Kojo was very worried, after all, more than fifty people, journalists from newspapers and even from television … He briefly told about the history of calligraphy and its present situation. He also showed how calligraphy is “done” by writing procrastination with a mop in front of the guests of the exhibition.


Do not confuse calligraphy with lettingering! Initially, calligraphy is what you write with your hand. Lettering is already drawing letters, most often with the help of special computer programs.

Now mostly write gothic and its varieties, or italic. Few people come up with their own: Theosone, Shoe, Tareq, Luca Barcelona, Retna. In the countries of the Middle East, they develop an Arabic ligature. Unfortunately, we can not fully appreciate her beauty: for the calligraphy, knowledge of the language is important.

The whole point of calligraphy is that you find some familiar elements, letters, and you perceive not as daub, but as words, sometimes even as a puzzle

So, Sasha prefers to work with the Latin alphabet, although he does not refuse the Cyrillic alphabet. He says that until he brings the Cyrillic alphabet to the required level, he will not show the work. For him, the result is more important than the process itself.

 At home I have few works. If I did not like it I throw it away. I understand that in a year I will make the work better, so why should I save it?

gSdtQGn0LKA (1)

Work above – the most beloved work of Sasha from this exhibition. This diptych was written last for the exhibition. After a whole night of work at seven in the morning he looked at the diptych, thinking of adding something. Decided that the morning of the evening is wiser. The next day, looking at the result with a fresh look, I understood: perfect.

Any calligraphic work – patience, improvisation and no blanks. All that is in my head is an approximate representation of the general plan of the picture. Where will the next stroke begin? You never know


When you spend a very long time working on something, you give 100%, then you get a response. For Sasha such a response to his work was an invitation to the ranks of Calligraffiti Ambassadors.

In 2015, the founder of modern calligraphy, Niels Mölmann assembled 50 of the best calligraphers from around the world in one team – Calligraffiti Ambassadors. For the work of this community, only on Facebook more than three million people watch daily.

In calligraphy, there are two ways: to do everything or to bend one’s stick. I’m trying to bend my stick. During this time and again I pay with the lack of orders, but in a professional society this approach is highly valued

It all began simply: he wanted to learn how to write beautiful letters. Sasha Kojo studied everything himself with the help of books, video lessons and experiment. Now schools of calligraphy and lettering are opening all over Russia. There is the same problem as with photo schools: is it worth going to learn? Sasha believes that it is worth, provided that there you will be given a base. However, he accentuates that the best start-up is a visit to workshops and master classes of calligraphers already held, since besides the base they also share interesting techniques.

You have to do what you want; bend his line, not departing from the original goal. Do not forget where you started


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