• М — молодость

    I regret that I did not visit this exhibition before, at the opening on July 7 – this day I went to the magnificent Yaroslavl. I really wanted to see the work of Iolanthe Skavidis, who once studied at my school. Back in those days I noticed in her a creative vein, but we were not acquainted.

    “M – youth” is already over, there are only a few days left. I’m very glad that I had time to look at it. It is small, only one room, where nothing distracts from the enjoyment of photo art.

    There are a lot of things to see.

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  • Саша Коджо

    Kodjo is a young calligrapher who started his activity in 2013. On his account, a lot of orders, including a Moscow beauty salon, and even a whole personal exhibition in Arkhangelsk. Ahead of him is waiting for a lot of interesting, because he is one of four representatives of the international project Calligraffiti Ambassadors in Russia.

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  • 5+1 web-pages dedicated to art

    I am a fan of art in any of its manifestations. In my opinion, even in everyday things there is a bit of art, especially if the object is made with love by hand, or how it is fashionable to say “handmade”. We all know the concept of globalization and its impact on our way of life, in connection with which it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the news of the art world. Of course, I want to keep in touch who is currently creating contemporary artists and sculptors, what is happening in the culture of Russia and the world, and for this you often have to extract information from general news reports. Once I thought: there are specialized portals! About six months ago I discovered for myself the world of portals about art, which, as it turned out, a lot. I share the most informative, user-friendly and beautiful sites.
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