• Den røde armés tilbaketrekning /Возвращение Красной Армии /The Withdrawal of the Red Army

    What is contemporary art? Each person has his or her own opinion about it. it’s a pity that the most part of population doesn’t understand (and doesn’t want to understand) what’s going on in art. I believe it is connected with the narrow mindset. A person who doesn’t even try to see in an art object some metaphors and allegories in a real events or personalities would never find sense in contemporary art exhibitions and trends.

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  • М — молодость

    I regret that I did not visit this exhibition before, at the opening on July 7 – this day I went to the magnificent Yaroslavl. I really wanted to see the work of Iolanthe Skavidis, who once studied at my school. Back in those days I noticed in her a creative vein, but we were not acquainted.

    “M – youth” is already over, there are only a few days left. I’m very glad that I had time to look at it. It is small, only one room, where nothing distracts from the enjoyment of photo art.

    There are a lot of things to see.

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