• Anastasia Fedoseeva on documentary films

    Anastasia Fedoseeva studies film production in Norway, but she originally is from Arkhangelsk, Russia. Now she is already working on a diploma project that is a documentary on environmental issues.

    She told me about her choice of the project, about the shooting process, as well as about the Icelandic witches, hard expeditions and the first eco-house in Arkhangelsk.

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  • Filming sound masters in business

    Having received a chance in October to participate in the actual filming, I wanted to get to know the production of cinema more closely. Then I was struck by the fact that every minute sound was recorded: dialogues and individual phrases of characters, even background noise. Therefore, I decided to turn to specialists, popularly called “sound engineers”, and scientifically – sound engineers.
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  • How I became an actress just for an hour

    I always thought that making films is kind of an easy process even when I started making short videos for university and my blog. All you need is to create the plot, make a scene plan, film something, edit and upload the result on the Internet. It’s as easy as that! But as the result you only get a video 2-15 minutes long with the simplest effects and editing. Read More