• 6 habits that will make your year more concious

    Photo: Elena Sharapova

    I do not pretend that the habits, resolutions and routines mentioned in this post will drastically change your life and your personality. The following 6 things are designed to improve the quality of your spiritual life and contribute to a more faithful educational development, in particular, the speed and depth of learning new knowledge. Of course, we are not talking about exact or natural sciences, although everyone can find recipes for themselves in these areas — I concentrate more on culture and art.Read More

  • Where to Eat? 4 Best Places in Vologda

    This weekend we literally ran away to Vologda — a small city, that we wanted to visit in the beginning of the year but didn’t manage to do it. Vologda is known for its churches, nature and ice cream, but this is not the only thing that deserves attention in the city. Food, delicious and high quality cooked, as well as beautifully decorated food – that’s what you should pay attention to in any trip. Especially if you like to eat as much as I do.
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  • Garage books in Arkhangelsk!

    The Garage Museum is famous not only for its collections of contemporary art and the magic of attracting living geniuses, but also for its publishing. Under the guidance of the Moscow museum, only the most important and important essays, treatises, biographies and theoretical publications about art, new media, architecture, photography, cinema and theater come to light. Published books are very important for everyone who wants to understand and understand what is happening today, as a professional.Read More

  • 17 lessons of 2017

    Before you start planning things, goals and objectives, prioritize (choose the best option for you), you need to analyze the previous year. It should be approached carefully and with all seriousness. This is said, probably, in every manual on time management, personal development and career success.Read More