• Oleg Roy in Arkhangelsk

    I love meeting with creative people. They always inspire and allow you to learn something new about the world around you and even about yourself. Especially I tremble with meetings with writers, whom I love and respect. I was lucky enough to meet Shan Sa, a French author of Chinese descent. Thanks to fusion cafe “Terrace”, on April 20 in Arkhangelsk there was a meeting with Oleg Roy.
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  • Cherished memories w/ 2015

    2015 was excellent. Probably, that’s why he does not want to let me go. During all the holidays, I thought about what it turned out to realize from the set points of my to-do sheet. Last year was not a failure in spite of my expectations.

    Since 2015, I have three words: a blog, travel, people. Briefly about each of them.

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  • Ça va? Ça va très bien!

    “You do not love St. Petersburg, why do you come here for the second time in the autumn?” – Asked me a friend who used to study with me, but left to live in the Northern Capital of Culture. Yes it is. I do not like this city. Something unpleasant happens to me here: bad health, something I lose or lose myself, some strange people come to my path … However, this time, already the third, was not so bad. Maybe because he’s just the third?
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