Offret // The Sacrifice

Finally, I discovered the world of creativity of Andrei Tarkovsky! It’s very symbolic that my first experience was the last picture of him — “Sacrifice”, filmed in 1986 in Swedish. Thanks to the Swedish Institute, the film was restored, and the project “Other Cinema” translated it into Russian. Now you can watch it on a big screen in Arkhangelsk.

The existential film is about almost 150 minutes long, that’s not easy to sit through from the physical and psychological sides.

Immediately after watching, I did not understand what I had just seen. Do I like it or not? There are a lot of thoughts, but there are even more questions.

At first glance, you may get the impression that the film is very slow, tedious and meaningless, but this is the charm of this picture. Its “juice” begins to feed you only after a few days.

I have no right to condemn or express hostility towards Tarkovsky’s work (although, we remember that each of us has the right to vote and opinion, which does not coincide with society). It seemed to me that this work was stronger from the technical part rather than the script itself. Aesthetics and frame selection are fascinating. Even if someone thinks that the film has subsided according to the script, the camera work deserves attention and viewing all 150 minutes of the film.

A a weak person in the cinematography, I have noted many symbols and signs, but the meaning of which, alas, remains hidden for me. So, I’m going to read critical articles to understand the essence of the entire film!

In addition, I added to my long list of films obligatory to watch the workds by directors who inspired Tarkovsky himself: Fellini, Bergman, Kurosawa and Bunuel. I brought the most famous works of Andrei Arsenyevich to the same list: “Solaris”, “Stalker”, “Andrei Rublev”, “The Mirror”. As soon as the last film often reflects the ending of the creative career, to announce the same for Tarkovskiy by watching only one film of his is inappropriate, that is why I decided to watch his other works and form my own opinion.

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