Marina Savchenkova

On our way we meet different people: someone hides their thoughts and experiences in themselves, not sharing them even with friends; Someone on the contrary is confident in their beliefs and is not afraid to talk about them. Such people, open and looking at the world with a wide open eye, motivate to develop, move forward and change. Meetings with them always leave a mark. As, for example, with Marina Savchenkova, a photographer and a “former” model.

We talked non-stop for about four hours. Three establishments visited: in the first one they were sitting until the very closing. We discussed everything, literally everything. There was a feeling that we were old friends who had not seen each other for a long time; or there was so little time left that it was necessary to discuss as much as possible. In a moment, I felt the warmth and confidence in man. After our conversation, I thought for a long time, what is it like to be photographed from Marina?


At the time of our meeting, Marina has just started to engage in studio portrait photography. Before that, she considered her flat and artificial, preferring reportage, love story and street photosessions. It was influenced by a master class from a photographer, whom she respects a lot. Taking into account all the chips associated with the light and setting the frame, Marina conducted the first shooting. She offered to take a picture of her friend. The girls met in advance to melt the ice, get to know each other better. It turned out that her interlocutor had only three photos taken from one photographer, and only one was successful.

The success of the photo session is not what I liked as a photographer. This is what the client liked.

Even an hour after the photography, Marina was afraid to open photos on the computer, because all the jambs that you do not notice on the small screen of the camera are visible on the monitor. She still decided. A squeal of delight was heard from the apartment. It’s because the girls found a point of mutual understanding. Thanks to this, the pictures showed a passion that does not belong to a calm, modest and very affectionate girl in life.


The secret of such success lies not only in Marina’s openness, but also in her knowledge of psychology. Indeed, a photographer needs to have such knowledge and develop them. The work of the photographer is social, it is connected with close communication with people, even though it takes a lot of time to process the pictures. For work come different models, and each needs an individual approach. Moreover, in 90% of cases unfamiliar people come who do not know how the photographer will communicate with them, whether he will force them to do something. Marina emphasized that she helps and guides the model, but prefers to catch live moments full of emotions and feelings.

I do not divide people into beautiful and ugly people. Each has its own uniqueness, a feature that must be able to show.

Marina was very helped by the four-year model experience. Of course, her name is now invited to take part in the filming, but Marina is much more interesting to be on the other side of the lens. She was fond of screaming since childhood, and at some point she thought: it’s worth trying to curl and try on different images before the camera. Taking part in the contest, in which they chose the model for photography, she won. “Then everything was not so simple,” she laughs.

An incredible photo session took place, followed by another one. Newly-acquainted Marina’s familiar photographers offered her participation in a more epic shooting … September, Monday, 1 pm. Troitsky prospectus. Marina goes in an open coat, under which only underwear, hair is taken in the style of Amy Winehouse, and on the face causing makeup. Around her are a few photographers wishing to make the best shot. Needless to say, the shooting made a lot of noise in the city. However, the photographs came out atmospheric, qualitative and fascinating.

It so happened that my parents are the people closest to me. They are always the first to learn about what is happening in my life. And what other people can condemn, they have always accepted and supported regardless of their religious beliefs and views of the world. For me it was always insanely valuable


Photography: Yulia Frolova

Now Marina spills her energy into the acting. Never before have I met people so passionate and in love with the theater. We discussed almost every performance of the Drama Theater, Marina talked about her roles, read a poem and an excerpt from one performance… She is so absorbed in the game that she takes part in the reconstruction – events held in the forest in a certain area, devoted to films, serials, games, books, history. The most famous historical reconstruction, when the game includes real knights. Just imagine: three days to be a completely different person, to throw out of your head everything related to your real life, but in no case should you forget the story of the character.

Yes, this fragile girl carries a huge suitcase with photographic equipment, plays ambiguous and so unlike her roles in the theater, she leaves the city, where she plays at least 72 hours without stopping. Marina is a person who knows well not only the model side of photography. With such a photographer, all the frames will be a masterpiece.

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