Cherished memories w/ 2015

2015 was excellent. Probably, that’s why he does not want to let me go. During all the holidays, I thought about what it turned out to realize from the set points of my to-do sheet. Last year was not a failure in spite of my expectations.

Since 2015, I have three words: a blog, travel, people. Briefly about each of them.

Blog » Moving to wordpress, creating your own domain – for a long time did not dare. Create a logo. Opening of the project “Arkhangelsk in people”. A trip to St. Petersburg for an educational session as part of the Galeria Fashion Week as a blogger.

Travel » 4 new countries. 3 trips to St. Petersburg, one of which was for the first time. 3 independent trips, one of which was for the first time. A dizzying love for Prague.

People » Love. Thanks to the discovery of “Arkhangelsk in people” and travel – acquaintance with remarkable and talented people, with some of whom I support warm relations. A pen-friend from France.

Thinking about the past events, we can talk about a lot. However, in one beautiful mosaic this nuclear mixture can not be laid out. I prepared a mini-infographics about what was happening in my life. At the end of 2016, I promise to go back and check whether it was possible to jump over the head and fulfill all the tasks set.

P.S. Solemnly declare: the wish list works!



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