A meeting with Nikolay Lebedev

Nikolay Lebedev is an amazing personality. To this conclusion, I came after watching one of his very first pictures and a creative meeting with the director.

As a person who is not particularly versed in the film industry, I have never been interested in the director or producer of the film. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember the names of the actors who played the main roles! It is not difficult to guess that the name of Nikolai Lebedev is new for me. I did not know what he was shooting “The Legend №17” and “Crew” – two Russian films, which have been widely discussed in society.

I will say right away: in my opinion, “Legend No. 17” is like an ordinary American film about motivation, strength of spirit and team. Of course, the “Crew” is the most typical disaster, but I see progress for Russian cinema in special effects and editing.


Поклонник 1999 Николай Лебедев

He is passionately in love with life and cinema. He never gives up and does not look for easy ways. He is educated and intelligent, and his manner of speaking is fascinating. He did not shout at the whole hall, he did not even scream. He spoke softly all the time, but with pedagogical charm. Despite his popularity and popularity in Russia, he is not afraid to express his opinion even concerning the future of our country.

You begin to respect him from the very first moment of communication. And it’s not that he’s a super-director or a movie star – his aura of light comes from him, if you understand what I mean.

I was amazed how such a “divine dandelion” was able to write a script and shoot “Fan.” Moreover, the idea of ​​the plot came to him just as innocently: while he was climbing in an old iron and creaky elevator to visit.

Of course, it’s worth considering the time of the picture’s output and not expecting Hollywood special effects and installation wonders.

The film is worthy. The tension is maintained until the very end – the thriller still. What is only the workshop game of the main character!

Thanks to this show, I realized that in the Russian film industry everything is not terrible. We have talents that create incredible stories. Just about people no one knows, or films are poorly distributed. And yet in the movies, the meaning and concepts are much more important than the technical equipment.

Photography: Alexandra Ignatenko

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