Must-see places and things in Vologda, Russia

Vologda is a city with an 800-year history, where the letter O is so strongly loved that even a monument was dedicated to it. Speaking seriously, this city is worthy of your attention, at least for the weekend. Actually, in this post you will learn what to do in Vologda for a couple of days.


The first thing that catches your eye is the number of well-preserved wooden houses of the 18th-19th centuries scattered all over the city center. These houses are not demolished and rebuilt, as the government does in Arkhangelsk, but the buildings are restored with the preservation of every tiny detail. Some buildings stand out for their openwork, some for their simplicity, but they are not covered with huge advertising banners, which means that you can really enjoy the architecture of ancient Vologda.


In the city there are several places where you can get acquainted with the work of local (and not only) artists, but especially I would recommend Shalamovsky’s house in the Vologda Kremlin. An ideal place to learn about the work and life of Shalamov, as well as see the paintings by Polenov, Aivazovsky, Ekster, Korovin, Vrubel, Savrasov, Kuindzhi, Levitan, etc. Please note that Monday and Tuesday are days off.

Vologda Kremlin

A must-see place, especially since it will not take long time. It is enough just to walk along the embankment, look at the famous Vologda statues (letter O, bench, etc.), climb up the bell tower and look at the panorama of the city, feed the ducks in the pond and ride on the Soviet roundabouts. If you want, you can visit St. Sophia Cathedral. Please note that Monday and Tuesday are days off, and you can climb to the top of the bell tower only in good weather.

River stroll

Unfortunately, this can only be done in the summer, but the stroll will give a fresh look at the city. Firstly, it varies the activities. Secondly, it gives a fresh look at the city. Thirdly, it is the opportunity to look at those places where you do not want to go specifically, such as the house of Peter the Great or the monument to the 800th anniversary of Vologda.


The cinema, which retained its Soviet name and hall, but shows modern films in comfortable chairs. Probably, many of us have lost the habit of watching premieres on giant screens? This is your chance to plunge into childhood. I advise you to take places after the 12th row.

Linen clothes shops

Even if shopping is not part of your plans, you can still go to one department at least. Especially if you take into account that clothes and household items made from linen are cheap enough, but they are of high quality. I highly recommend the little shop on Victory Avenue, 4.


Even if you do not adhere to the Orthodox religion, then still pay attention to the naturalness of the churches. By this I mean their “fitness” to nature, as if the temples themselves grew from under the earth. There are not so many churches in the center of the city, but still it is worth paying attention to their decoration and architectural details, because some were built in the distant XV century.

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