• When I Was a Work of Art

    Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt is a contemporary French writer, known as the author of a number of easy-to-read books, but, nevertheless, filled with deep philosophical meaning. One can even say that each of his works is a philosophical parable that raises at least one global problem of being: what is life, death, God and religion.

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  • The Life Before Us

    By tradition, before the start of the performance, Viktor Panov said a few words about the play, and I was very hooked by the quoted phrase of Anatol France: “It’s better to understand little than badly”. Indeed, each play in the Youth Theater makes the viewer think, rethink, dream and look for answers to all the questions that have arisen, and then visit the theater again to make sure of the results of the work. “The Life Before Us” is the novel by Emile Ajar, staged by Ilya Moschitsky, which most of all resembles a quote by a French writer.
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  • The Death of Norvegov

    Youth Theater of Viktor Panov knows how to surprise the viewer and keep up with the times. On the last weekend of September, the theater showed the premiere for the entire North-West — a real theatrical mini-series of three episodes. How do you choose where to go? How are these three performances in one? How to watch and understand it? What feelings does it cause?
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  • Ali Parandian on sound-design, “No Man is an Island” and racism

    Tromsø International Film Festival has finished yesterday night. On the 22nd of September I talked with Ali Parandian, a director of the short film “No Man is an Island” that received the Amanda Award for the best short film in 2018.

    We discussed sound design, his film and racism in Norway and film industry.

    The dialogue language of the video is English.

  • “Theater is an art that is born and dies every evening”

    “Theater is a unique emotional art that is born and dies every evening”, Andrei Timoshenko, main director, said at the press conference of the Arkhangelsk Drama Theater. These words hooked me up so much that I put them in the title of the article about the 86th theater season that starts this week. And the truth is: the theater is not only the director and the actors that are spoken about at every play. No, the theater is also all the people working in it, so that we can have a look at these performances, and the building of the theater itself.
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