• Stupeur et tremblements

    Amélie Nothomb is a Belgian writer writing in French. Her father was a diplomat, therefore in her childhood Notomb lived in different countries: Japan, the USA, Laos, Burma, China and Bangladesh which strongly influenced her work. In all, she wrote 23 novels and the most famous “Fear and Trembling” (Stupeur et tremblements) was nominated for Prix Goncourt.
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  • “Theater is a perspective from the another floor”

    This photo was taken by Andrei Larin almost a year ago, but it transfers the best the energy that Viktor Panov has when you meet him personally: fearlessness, determination, pain for his native region and the desire not to give up for nothing. Basically this, but not only, was discussed at a press conference at the Youth Theater on July, 2. Although, officially it was the press conference, I would rather call it a cozy conversation between journalists and bloggers over a glass of cool morse (berry juice).
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  • Anastasia Fedoseeva on documentary films

    Anastasia Fedoseeva studies film production in Norway, but she originally is from Arkhangelsk, Russia. Now she is already working on a diploma project that is a documentary on environmental issues.

    She told me about her choice of the project, about the shooting process, as well as about the Icelandic witches, hard expeditions and the first eco-house in Arkhangelsk.

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