• Oleg Roy in Arkhangelsk

    I love meeting with creative people. They always inspire and allow you to learn something new about the world around you and even about yourself. Especially I tremble with meetings with writers, whom I love and respect. I was lucky enough to meet Shan Sa, a French author of Chinese descent. Thanks to fusion cafe “Terrace”, on April 20 in Arkhangelsk there was a meeting with Oleg Roy.
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  • Alyona Malygina

    They say that there is no fashion in our city. Such people are very mistaken. We have a designer whose shows were held in Arkhangelsk, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg. She participated in a huge number of markets, where often held mini-shows. He has a lot of letters, thank you sheets and diplomas. A participant in various competitions, one of which, among 287 Russian designers, took a worthy second place. She is invited to shows and abroad. Meet Alyona Malygina.
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  • Саша Коджо

    Kodjo is a young calligrapher who started his activity in 2013. On his account, a lot of orders, including a Moscow beauty salon, and even a whole personal exhibition in Arkhangelsk. Ahead of him is waiting for a lot of interesting, because he is one of four representatives of the international project Calligraffiti Ambassadors in Russia.

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  • Marina Savchenkova

    On our way we meet different people: someone hides their thoughts and experiences in themselves, not sharing them even with friends; Someone on the contrary is confident in their beliefs and is not afraid to talk about them. Such people, open and looking at the world with a wide open eye, motivate to develop, move forward and change. Meetings with them always leave a mark. As, for example, with Marina Savchenkova, a photographer and a “former” model.Read More

  • Flowers for Algernon

    Interestingly: this book was only advised to me by the representatives of the stronger sex. At least three of my friends said the following: “How did you not read? Read it fast.” I cried like a girl. ” Then, with whom I started talking about literature, everyone insisted that I read it. In the end, I could not restrain myself and decided to read it. So I have never cried.Read More

  • Cherished memories w/ 2015

    2015 was excellent. Probably, that’s why he does not want to let me go. During all the holidays, I thought about what it turned out to realize from the set points of my to-do sheet. Last year was not a failure in spite of my expectations.

    Since 2015, I have three words: a blog, travel, people. Briefly about each of them.

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