• Carnivals of Venice and St. Petersburg. Artist’s point of view

    Today Arkhangelsk faced the Eve of the anniversary of the International Street Theater festival — the first exhibition of Mikhail Shemyakin “Carnivals of Venice and St. Petersburg. View of the artist” has opened. This project is a great event in the cultural life of Arkhangelsk. It involves three large organizations: the Arkhangelsk youth theater, the Arkhangelsk Museum Association and the Mikhail Shemyakin Center in St. Petersburg.

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  • 19 books that still matter

    From the very first day, when I read my first word, and then the sentence, I passionately loved books. I fell in love with beautiful covers, page designs and especially their scent. However, I was hooked by the feelings that the reader feels at the end of the finished book. Thanks to my huge reading experience (for 17 years of reading in general), I realized that only a few books leave a mark on our lives, which is felt even years later. The plot and the content of the book can be forgotten through long years, but the mystical tremor from the title remains.

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