• Denis Stelmach

    I met Denis in the warm and sunny July. About this meeting, I dreamed for several months, as soon as I learned that the composer of the album “New beginning” that I loved came from Arkhangelsk. Nobody can tell about his music better than himself, as many people mistakenly call his style “neoclassic”, comparing with Ludovic Einaudi and Jan Thiersen. Therefore today the story is from the first person.
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  • Мама Шпината

    They say that with the birth of first child the woman won’t have any career and her life will be a mess. Stanislava is a good friend of mine, blogger , the author of the very first logo for my blog and she is young mother of Yaroslav. She invited me to visit her and told me about her work. I made sure that all the gossips about the end of your life once you have a child are nonsense. Read More