• “Theater is a perspective from the another floor”

    This photo was taken by Andrei Larin almost a year ago, but it transfers the best the energy that Viktor Panov has when you meet him personally: fearlessness, determination, pain for his native region and the desire not to give up for nothing. Basically this, but not only, was discussed at a press conference at the Youth Theater on July, 2. Although, officially it was the press conference, I would rather call it a cozy conversation between journalists and bloggers over a glass of cool morse (berry juice).
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  • The metamorphosis

    Last year, at XXII street theaters, I wanted to go to the performance of PG Project – a talented team from St. Petersburg. And did not look because of the fear of something not understand in the production of one of the works of Franz Kafka. I was recommended and advised that I put them on the list for mandatory viewing in 2017. As soon as she found out that they were once again putting Kafka – “Transformation” – she ran to the library for a story. From the experience of my acquaintances,= I realized that you should go to PG Project plays knowing the plot.Read More


    Every year at the festival of street theaters in Arkhangelsk there is one the most popular collective, to which the spectators come again and again with great pleasure throughout the whole week. At the 22nd festival, it was incendiary Raiz Brazil from Los Angeles with the Brazilian carnival. In this – the fiery Colombian drummers AAINJAA. Between speeches I talked with Felipe Burbano, the only one of the staff who speaks a little English. Thank you for arranging the meeting with AAINJAA translator Irina Okeanova, who sometimes helped us understand each other, thanks to the basic knowledge of Spanish.Read More