• Jazz festival named after Rezitksiy

    We are accustomed to understand music and creativity only in one form: classic: Albrecht Durer, Alexander Dumas, the Beatles, Samuel Marshak, Raphael. It is difficult for us to accept the fact that art, like our life, is changing, becoming, at first glance, simpler, but at the same time becoming more complex. It is for this reason that many Russian festivals adhere to traditional views. The reality is that Russia is a conservative country. Any innovations we perceive painfully, even if sometimes we do not realize this.Read More

  • Es Sentia

    Everyone knows that Arkhangelsk is the birthplace of the festival of street theaters. It’s amazing that we did not have our own theater, which could adequately perform on a par with guests from abroad. February 28, 2014 was founded dance theater “ES SENTIA”, which will compete for the title of one of the best theaters performing at the festival in June.
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