• Zvozlandia 2017: exhibition “Zapovednik 3803”

     In 200 km south of Arkhangelsk there is a real country of creativity and inspiration called Zvozlandia. Its capital is Zvoz, a cozy village. It is ruled by its founder, Lydia Kuznetsova, an unusually energetic and genuinely lady fond of her homeland. For over a little more than ten years a variety of artists have been occupying Zvozlandia every summer and … creating art! As a result, an exhibition of the best works created at Zvozlandia takes place every year in Arkhangelsk.Read More

  • Garage books in Arkhangelsk!

    The Garage Museum is famous not only for its collections of contemporary art and the magic of attracting living geniuses, but also for its publishing. Under the guidance of the Moscow museum, only the most important and important essays, treatises, biographies and theoretical publications about art, new media, architecture, photography, cinema and theater come to light. Published books are very important for everyone who wants to understand and understand what is happening today, as a professional.Read More