• Mezen Painting on Wood

    Today there is a high interest in arts and crafts in general, but in particular — to folk paintings. In Russia, different types of folf painting exist: on wood, lacquer, metal, enamel, glass and ceramics, and there is a variety of traditional and modern techniques.

    Painting on wood is considered as the most national and original form of Russian folk art. Russia is rich in forests, so wood was used in many ways: from the manufacture of household products and artistic processing to the construction of houses. This is especially true of the Russian North, the Upper and Middle Volga, the Urals and Siberia.

    The Russian North is considered to be a real treasure trove of Russian folk culture, and some researchers even consider it a single cultural monument. One of the easily recognizable paintings of the Russian North — Mezen painting.

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  • Wassiliy Kandinsky | 20 selected quotes

    Wasily Kandinsky in his treatise “On the spiritual in art”, 1910, expresses his thoughts on the interconnection of the arts, on what the artist and the viewer should look like, on the importance of composition and color in painting. The quotes I have chosen from the treatise make you think about the topics above, that are still relevant today.

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