• Migration

    Looking at the photo above, it is difficult to determine — what is it and for what reason it appeared at this exhibition. From the first impression we can assume that these dolls were taken from a crash-test of a car and temporarily placed in boxes. Or the Russian Post sends packages so long that people die waiting for the parcel. Jokes are jokes, but in this object there is a special meaning and a real story. Read More

  • Den røde armés tilbaketrekning /Возвращение Красной Армии /The Withdrawal of the Red Army

    What is contemporary art? Each person has his or her own opinion about it. it’s a pity that the most part of population doesn’t understand (and doesn’t want to understand) what’s going on in art. I believe it is connected with the narrow mindset. A person who doesn’t even try to see in an art object some metaphors and allegories in a real events or personalities would never find sense in contemporary art exhibitions and trends.

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