• Exhibition dedicated to Fyodor Zakharov

    If you are going to the  Crimea before the 9th of August, be sure to plan a trip to Simferopol to visit the House of Artists on Karl Marx street 13/16. There is now a personal exhibition of Fyodor Zakharov’s works. Do not worry if you do not get on it next week — in the Simferopol art Museum it will open again in September, and in November — in the Tretyakov gallery.Read More

  • Wassiliy Kandinsky | 20 selected quotes

    Wasily Kandinsky in his treatise “On the spiritual in art”, 1910, expresses his thoughts on the interconnection of the arts, on what the artist and the viewer should look like, on the importance of composition and color in painting. The quotes I have chosen from the treatise make you think about the topics above, that are still relevant today.

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  • “Dance of life” by Edvard Munch

    Edvard Munch is very different from his predecessors and future ones. His unhealthy vision of the world and acute sensitivity were formed in a distant childhood, leaving an imprint on the creative activity and personal life of the genius. The artist was born in 1863 in a large family, which in 1864 moved from a small Norwegian town to Christiania (modern Oslo). Soon, his mother passed away from tuberculosis, and another ten years later – his oldest beloved sister Sophie. Two painful losses of loved ones pointed Munch his own way, the way of the artist, capturing events and sensations.Read More