• Results and prospects of the year – 2016

    Last year, I wrote an article “Subjectively about the youth” for the annual magazine “Results and Prospects of the Arkhangelsk Region and the Nenets Autonomous District.” For me this was the first serious project for a journalist. Of course, the “Arctic vector” is cool. Only the edition that is distributed among the businessmen of the region and read even by the governor – is more serious than the student newspaper.

    I will not say that this material, which you can read by clicking on the button from below, was given to me very easily. There were difficulties that only a real journalist faces. But I found out for myself that being a journalist on a full-time basis is not mine. Although I liked writing for magazines!

    Read the article in Russian // p. 246

    Also for this magazine I made TOP-10 places in the Arkhangelsk region. It should be. probably, most of all to visit as soon as possible.

    Read the article in Russian // p. 162