2019 is the year dedicated to Theatre in Russia

You enter the foyer of the drama theater, and the hullabaloo falls down on you: a lot of guests give clothes to the wardrobe, someone changes their shoes, someone talks to old acquaintances and friends. In the crowd, the Tabure Theater flashes in recognizable clown costumes, ready to take pictures with everyone. You pass right by the fountains and your eyes fall on the girl lying on the floor on the jackets, and there is a sign next to her: “Help me get to Yaroslavl”. You cannot pass her without throwing some coins found in the coat’s packet. Suddenly, a group of young guys dressed in white and red costumes, all brightly painted, begins to recite: “Year of the theater, year of the theater, year of the theater!”

In Russia, 2019 year has been declared the year of the theater — another reason to rejoice at the existence of the Theater, to elevate it and at the same time bring it closer to the viewer; to recall its history and people who left their mark not only in the history of the theater, but also in our hearts. As Natalya Malevinskaya rightly noted today, “Investment in culture is the creation of a cultural person of the future.” Let us return from the lyrical digression, though it is important, to the solemn event — the opening of the year of the theater.

The leading actors of the Arkhangelsk Drama Theater, Dmitry Belyakov, Ivan Bratushev and Mikhail Kuzmin, appear on the stage in bright costumes. Looking at their costumes, we can say that the evening is going to be fun and perky — so it happened. Only no one imagined that the presenters’ words would be in their own rhymes — just keep up with funny metaphors and comparisons. At such moments you understand that the theater will always remain a theater even at seemingly serious events.

Our life is a short concert tour

The whole event is based on fragments of performances of the Arkhangelsk Drama Theater, the Youth Theater and the Arkhangelsk Puppet Theater.

The youth theater shows a song from the play “In Memory of Vladimir Vysotsky” in honor of a significant person for the theater. Later, the well-known musical group “Provincial Furs” with the composition from their “Tarakanomor” play will appear on the scene. Everything is modest, but with feeling and that aftertaste, which leaves only the Youth Theater. Of course, Viktor Petrovich Panov is invited to the stage. He talks a lot about people, thanks to whom he reached his heights; can not touch and gossip. “Andrey Timoshenko graduated from Schukinsky, just like me. And the students from Schukinskiy are the mafia. They are always for each other and against the enemy,” Viktor Petrovich says in a comment about the allegedly hostile theaters of the city.

After a long renovation of the building of the Arkhangelsk Puppet Theater, it is very joyful to see the funny and even sarcastic Petrushka from childhood, even if not on its own stage. Their fragment is filled with sincerity, kind humor; you can see a mixture of childish naivety and adult philosophy. In a few minutes the theater managed to attract attention and inspire visiting the renovated building. I am now looking forward to the play for adults  “Hamlet”, about which my parents and older relatives told me so much.

The Apotheosis of the evening is the Drama Theater itself — fragments of this particular theater dominate on stage: “Princess Turandot”, “Golden Elephant”, “Amphitryon”, “Magic Flute”, “Inspector”, “Princess Frog”, “Christmas in Italian” . The last fragment from “Christmas in Italian” ends with snowflakes not only on the stage, but also in the hall. Interestingly, during the performance of such a special effect is used?

On the stage and in the hall, you can hear hundreds of congratulations and warm wishes to the theater, actors and each other — the audience. Covered with the “snow” of the Christmas evening, the guests disperse with a smile on their lips, eager for the surprises of next year.

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