Ça va? Ça va très bien!

“You do not love St. Petersburg, why do you come here for the second time in the autumn?” – Asked me a friend who used to study with me, but left to live in the Northern Capital of Culture. Yes it is. I do not like this city. Something unpleasant happens to me here: bad health, something I lose or lose myself, some strange people come to my path … However, this time, already the third, was not so bad. Maybe because he’s just the third?

The Olympiad on the French language, for which I and my classmates came to St. Petersburg, began on Saturday. We had a full two days to rest and inspire the architecture. True, when it’s wet snow, especially the beauty of architecture, you will not be happy: you can not raise your head, do not take pictures, otherwise the lens of the camera will immediately become damp, but without that the gray houses are generally dull.

However, each of us did something for the first time on this trip: someone first came to St. Petersburg, someone first visited the Hermitage, and someone, like me, did a lot of interesting things for the first time, but about everything in order.

On the day of arrival, we were invited to a concert of the French band La maison Tellier, which gave the final performance on its tour. If you still do not know who these guys are, be sure to listen to their songs! This is something incredible with elements of rock, jazz notes and similar soundtracks to the dramas and melodramas that are familiar to us (that’s how I see the fate of the song La seconde souffle). This was my first concert. Yes, I’m twenty years old, and for the first time I went to a concert of a band (classical music concerts do not count).

On Friday we decided to make an adventure inside of the adventure. In addition to a good performance at the Olympics, my goal was to buy books on the price, the benefit of such secondhand bookshops in Petersburg is many. Finding them in advance on a Google map, I found out that Bukvoed (bookshop) has its own discount store on the northern border of the city. I think if the girls did not want to go with me, I would have more troubles. We reached the station Civic Avenue, from where I proposed to walk to the North Mall on foot. Tanya, having looked it on the map, firmly said that we are going by bus, because it is very far. Well, we went on the road, having previously specified the 139 bus going to the conductor. “Yes, he’s on his way,” he confirmed. We quietly sat down on vacant seats and waited for our stop. Who would have thought that the stops of this bus are so far apart, and just in the middle is our destination! When we drove through the Mall, we began to reassure ourselves that we would make a small circle, and then we would come straight to Moll. No matter how it is. We left somewhere in an unknown direction, and in order not to go somewhere else further, we decided to change seats on another bus. There was not a conductor in that bus, so they asked the driver if we could get to the Mall. He did not fail us. True, entry to its territory does not include visits to people arriving by bus, such as our On Okruzhnaya. Having skirted the weight of the Northern Mall, we not only did not find a discount, but found out that he had moved out, and in his place had already opened the Children’s World. By the way, the opening of the department occurred on the day of our arrival for books.

After such a trip we were ready for everything that awaits us at the Olympiad. Frankly: I was not as successful as I would have liked, but I thought that the tasks would be many times more complicated. Thanks to the Olympiad, I looked at my knowledge of the language more objectively, all my weaknesses were simply shouting: “Pay attention to me!”. Many of them I improved during the direct preparation, but some of them I identified, responding to the Olympiad questions. That’s why I now advise everyone to participate in the Olympiad. It does not matter whether you won or not, you get a new experience, knowledge and acquaintance. I received a commendable response, equating it to the most offensive fourth place, but he very much encouraged me to further study the French language. The best motivator does not exist!

Reporting on Saturday, I went to a friend who wondered what I had forgotten here. We had a very heartfelt evening with her, watched a couple of movies. The next day I decided to visit as many of the second-hand bookshops in St. Petersburg and arrange myself a second-hand shopping. I pre-compiled a list of books that I wanted to buy for my grandmother and myself, but what list is it about when you get into a book paradise? As a result, I left the second department of the “Old Book”, which I recommend to all book-keepers and bukokholikam, and barely got to our hostel on Nevsky with 12 books in hand.

Monday. Our last day. It feels like an eternity has passed since we left home. According to the already established St. Petersburg tradition, I began to miss home. During the day we slept, took a walk in the shops, and in the evening we went to the closing of the Olympics, which was held at the French Institute. The evening was quiet and cozy, I did not want to take pictures or take pictures. Just enjoy the moment, like most of the trip. The video, attached somewhere up there at the top of the page, is a mixture of my October trip, November’s and videos taken by Tanya, for which she is particularly grateful.

After such a trip, full of adventures, disappointments and happiness, I began to think that I love St. Petersburg. I was mistaken. I love not the city, but the fact that you can read half of the book, getting to studying on the subway. Eh!

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