Street theater festival. Day 1

We are incredibly lucky with the weather. It seems that the rains safely forgot about the festival in Arkhangelsk. Fortunately, yes, no matter how nakarkat! Maybe the Brazilian carnival brought good weather with itself? Or did the shamans order? In any case, the city woke up and turned into a real anthill. There is no free space on any central street: all the benches are occupied, and the crossroads resemble the Tokyo pedestrian crossing.

Of course, it’s not easy for theater groups either. The gallops of Europe – so you have to run from one performance to another in the hope of seeing something. In such cases, the most attractive and winning musical groups. Yes, they often look strange, and I want to look at the speakers once. However, music is carried far, and musicians are constantly moving. Do not change your position, even inadvertently miss your chance!

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