Salvador Dalí’s “The Trilogy of love”

In Arkhangelsk, an exhibition of works by Salvador Dalí was opened. I was attracted by a triptych called “The Trilogy of Love”. It differs sharply from the presented series by its size and technique. To admit it attracted me by his symbols which I could not immediately take into account. Therefore, I with wild zeal began to study the embedded meanings.

Who would have thought that I would have to deal with complex intricacies of the relationship between Dalí and Elena Dyakonova, Gala, and the terminology and meaning of tarot cards.

In addition, I will only note that in five minutes it will not be possible to convey the multifaceted nature and complexity of the love of Salvador and Gala: this topic deserves a full-scale lecture if not their series.

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Sources used in the English language:
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